ConEnergy Innovation in Renewable Resources


ConEnergy is an Engineering and Services company operating in all Europe in environmental sustainability, renewable resources and energy efficiency. Through the development of new technologies provide alternatives to current energy systems with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and take advantage from the feed in tariffs and governmental grants in green energies production.
ConEnergy offers its expertise to companies in order to acquire a right perception of environmental impacts by deploying advanced energy systems in addition to the environment by the emission of CO2. Those contributions are strongly supported by technology :

  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Wind farms
  • Biogas and cogeneration CHP
  • Facilities and operating systems for energy saving


A new approach to capture the sun energy, will produce electricity at a cost comparable to fossil fuel generators. With this goal Sunenegy developed the Liquid Solar Array (LSA), a floating solar concentrator, mainly based on plastic elements.
Each unit has an area of 19 cm2 of monocrystalline silicon cells placed at the end of a conical structure and mounted just reflecting on the water. A Fresnel lens in Plexiglas, mounted at the top, concentrates light rays on it.

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